My areas of coaching expertise include the following categories:

  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Development
  • Performance
  • Relationships

My vision as a Consciousness Coach is to create enhanced emotional intelligence that translates into effective communication that empowers people and builds communities. I achieve this through practicing and mastering the art of Consciousness Coaching with authentic integrity that inspires, moves and touches -by living my word, leading by example and committing to creating limitless awareness.


Part of what I include in my approach to coaching individuals is the analysis of conscious and unconscious thought processes. More often than not, when coaching people, it becomes evident that various blockages exist due to conscious and/or unconscious negative self beliefs one has or traumas, realised or unrealised, that have not been dealt with.

  • Growth and/or enhancement of a person’s skills
  • Acquiring of desired goals
  • Fun from being had
  • Confidence from being enjoyed

I apply my training and experience in basic lay counselling and consciousness awareness to assist individuals in overcoming, dealing with and/or healing from such blockages, enabling effective continuation of coaching practices.


Part of my approach to coaching an individual is to mentor them by way of:

  • Encouragement
  • Motivation
  • Education
  • Facilitation
  • Listening
  • Building & enhancing existing skills and strengths

During this segment of my coaching, Coachee’s can expect to become more self aware and empowered and begin to utilise these new awareness’s to create new transformational opportunities for themselves.

Shifts in consciousness are guaranteed to awaken a spring in one’s step as new and positive energies begin to enable achievement in the areas individuals would like to accomplish and experience change in.


During coaching sessions where I deal with an individual’s self esteem, respect and awareness, I guide and encourage them to utilise their lessons learnt about their individual personality and character, to embark on a journey of self empowerment, by creating and inventing the outer image and appearance that best represents who they are on the inside, an image that carries their authentic personal signature from clothes, posture, health, hair, skin, voice, tone and attitude, to etiquette and other soft skills they may like to explore creation of.



Contact : E-Mail [email protected]